Before I was born, I remember being surrounded by a group of Beings in a place that I can only describe as “vital in essence”. One of the Beings gently placed a bright orb of light into my hands. As I received this glowing orb, another Being telepathically asked:- “ Do you think she will be all right?” To this, a third member of the group answered, “ Yes, she will be fine. She has her memories and they will guide her.”


These memories are linked to my spontaneous awakening and the inspiration behind my Visionary Pictograms.  In my twenties I was guided to join a group of scholars from the Academy For Future Science. I have been a scholar of both contemporary and ancient Sacred and inspired writings ever since.  While at home with young children, I had the opportunity to return to full-time study. For my own development, I have undergone some counselling training through Psychosynthesis and Process Therapy. In addition to this, I have completed a diploma in Natural Healing Sciences where we touched on both Barbara Brennan’s work as well as more advanced esoteric healing practices such as outlined in Alice Bailey’s work. These have all been helpful and useful processes but foremost, I am a scholar and I work with the higher activations as only found in the Sacred Texts of both the Eastern and Western Sacred traditions. These writings contain the thought forms that call us out of unconsciousness back into Life.

Further industry training lead to work as a domestic violence counsellor and in crisis mental health.  In my private clinic, I see clients for healing and I also work as a Family Dispute Resolution Mediator supporting families in crisis.