I provide specialist support working with the human energy field in integrating unfolding Soul and Spiritual consciousness.  My practice is based in Howick, Auckland, New Zealand.  I charge $100 plus gst per session.

Healing Clinic

Energetic Healing Clinic

I draw on a number of techniques but I always include an assessment through the human energy field. The human energy field is sustained by a person’s consciousness which is part of an unbroken Light continuum with Divine worlds. By connecting to the anatomy of the field one is able to see the energy templates of both the higher and lower consciousness vehicles.

I recommend that clients commit to more than one session.  This allows the full experience of being able to name a limiting process, connecting with the source energy, going beyond this process into the higher templates of Light and integrating the understanding back into daily life.  Through repeating this process, one eventually comes into alignment and under the influence of one’s own innate integrated intelligence.   This leads to healing at the deepest level and the gradual transformation of every aspect of life.

I never set out to become a healer.  A healer is a consequence of what I’ve become.  It has taken dedication to reconnect with my own inner balance and strengthen the weaker parts of myself.  For my own development, I have undergone some counselling training through Psychosynthesis and Process Therapy.  In addition to this, I have completed a diploma in Natural Healing Sciences where we covered both Barbara Brennan’s work as well as more advanced esoteric healing practices as outlined in Alice Bailey’s books.  These have all been helpful and useful processes but foremost, I am a scholar of the Consciousness Sciences and I work with the higher activations as only found in the Sacred Texts of both the Eastern and Western esoteric traditions.  These writings contain the thought forms that call us out of unconsciousness back into Life.

Healing is a gentle and nurturing experience but remember, that no man can heal another.   As a therapist, I can only support you to reconnect with the substance that does the healing, the Soul and the Spirit.  If you need clarity or support on either an emotional, mental, physical or spiritual challenge, make an appointment through this website or by giving me a call on 021 771 933.

For some clients, I also use Equine Assisted Therapy to support them to more fully experience their presence.  If infused with purpose, this is extremely powerful work where clients can come into relationship with unconsciously held limitations and needs. These sessions I co-facilitate with Aroha-Equine at $230 plus gst per session.