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The Universal Mother Receives

The following pictogram is, in essence, a drawing explaining our receptive capacities.  Please study the full picture in some detail  On a universal level, the feminine principle is associated with the womb of matter represented by the red female form, and the ascending virgin birth of one’s Divine nature pictured as the newly born baby at the top of the picture.

In essence, the feminine principle represents instinctual knowingness and the substance in which the embryo child is seeded and nurtured to gestation. The lower correspondences are those of motherhood, receptivity, the hidden inner light and the right side of the brain.

The pentagram or five-pointed star symbolises the lower self, or the human will and the ability to control the elements of air, fire, water and earth. When it points towards the earth, the energy is earth directed but when pointed upwards, the energy is directed heavenward. In the case of this particular pictogram, it points towards the soul, represented as the golden orb in the woman’s hands.

Thus the lower mind recognises the greater wisdom of the soul. The soul, in turn, finds itself in front of yet a greater splendour and surrenders its creative impulse to this Light. This is the Light of Spirit symbolically represented by the golden capstone, the holy of holies that is beyond space and time.

In the next blog, I will be focusing on the masculine aspect.  These two are yin and the yang of our Being, and they are to be understood in relationship to one another. Working with our receptive capacities means that we can rely directly on our inner guidance for information.  We all have this capacity. It’s inherent in who we are, and the challenge is to engage in practices that strengthen this connection.

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