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Art as Spiritual Practise

Painting these icons has gifted me far more than I ever anticipated.  Getting together at our studio to work has been nothing less that a Divinely nurturing experience.  On completion of this works we had them blessed.   Over the last ten years I can appreciate how my capacities as an artist have evolved.  I’m now feeling inspired to start to paint huge images as a reflection of the spaciousness that I feel within.  I will start by connecting with the natural world and see where I am guided to turn from there.  I have cleared my studio in joyful anticipation.

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  1. 3-26-2019

    Hi Senta, I hope you are well! I was wondering if I could book a hour to see you please?

    I work from Monday to Friday from 8 – 4:30 in Mangere. But can come after work or during a weekend.

    Kind regards


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